Policies & Procedures

  1. No residential clothes lines, please use small portable clothes dryers or line that does not obstruct the view of your neighbor.
  2. Only one garden shed and firewood structure per site, must be approved by Park Management.
  3. Any debris or unsightly items left behind trailers will be removed at owners expense.
  4. Seasonal campers are requested to keep their sites neat and tidy and clear of unsightly or unnecessary debris. THE GRASS ON EACH SITE TO BE CUT BY THE OCCUPANT. Arrangements can be made with management for grass cutting.
  5. QUIET HOURS are from 11:30 PM to 8:30 AM. Please be considerate.
  6. All alcoholic beverages must be kept on your own site. THIS IS THE LAW OF ONTARIO!
  7. No glass of any kind allowed on the beach area.
  8. One car per site, if you have a second vehicle or boat, please park in the Visitors Parking Lot.
  9. No campers boats are to be docked at the store dock or beach area. No fishing off of the docking area, or waterskiing off store dock.
  10. All garbage must be contained in strong durable plastic garbage bags, tied and placed at roadside at day of pickup. Household waste only. Please, no fish remains! Special freezer located outside the laundry room is provided for disposal of fish remains.
  11. Pets are welcome they must however be kept at your own site or when exercised on a leash. Please no pets on any of the beach areas. Excessive barking will not be tolerated. DOGGIE BAGS REQUIRED for waste removal.
  12. Protect trees by not cutting, breaking or driving nails into them, trees dead or alive are not to be cut for firewood.
  13. Boat trailers must be stored in the field area at back of camp, not on your site. There is a designated area in visitor parking lot. Trailers must be tagged with owner’s name and site number.
  14. Winter storage of boat trailers must be arranged in advance with Sunset Country.
  15. All boats must be removed prior to dock removal. This may take place prior to closing due to inclement weather. Please check with the office by October 1.
  16. We are not responsible for any damages to boats or trailers either at the docks or in the parking area. Please remove any valuables from boats to avoid theft.
  17. We recommend taking your boat out of the water if going to be absent for longer periods due to sudden weather changes.
  18. Firewood is for sale at store.
    NOTE: Due to strict government legislation, only firewood purchased at the camp store is allowed on the property. Sorry, no exceptions!
  20. The swimming beach is unsupervised; all children under 12 in the water must be accompanied by an adult.
  21. All children under 16 must be on their site by 10:30 PM unless accompanied by an adult.
  22. The washrooms are provided as a convenience for all, please ensure that small children are accompanied by an adult.
  23. NOTE CAMPERS: your campsite fee does not include visitors, visitors will be charged by the day, rates are listed on rate sheet, and all visitors must register at office.This is the responsibility of the registered camper that they are visiting.
  24. All visitors must register at the office and park their vehicles in the visitor’s parking lot.
  25. VISITORS must vacate the campground by 9:00 pm unless arrangements have been made with the office.
  26. The use of a trailer by anyone other than the registered camper for that site will not be allowed unless arrangements have been made at the office. Upon approval, they will be charged the full site fees.
  27. Check out time for campers is 12:00 noon unless other arrangements have been made at the office. Check in time 2:00 pm.
  28. Trailers and boats are not to be sold or advertised for sale while they are located on the campground, unless management acts as sales agent. 7% selling fee will apply (minimum $500).
  29. New: All fees are due and payable by Feb 28, prior to upcoming season. This will ensure that your site will be secured for the season. Interest charges will apply for late fees. After February 28 if site has not been confirmed for the season, and the trailer has not been removed, a storage fee of $25.00 per day will be charged until the site is cleared.​
  30. All hydro invoices and deposits for the following season are to be paid by October 1.
  31. Please note: we do not accept Visa or Mastercard for seasonal rate fees.
  32. Construction of decks, patio rooms or similar structures are not permitted except through Sunset Country.
  33. All travel trailers, park models, screen rooms, glass rooms, patios and decks must be purchased through Sunset Country for occupancy on seasonal sites.
  34. New: Campers’ Code of Conduct (click to view)