Code of Conduct


  1. Treat ALL staff, fellow campers and local residents with RESPECT.
  2. Do not attempt to deceive, cheat or otherwise steal from the campground (this includes using electricity or any of the optional facilities without paying.). Doing so could result in being asked to leave the property.
  3. Do not register for camping under a different name than what is on your driver’s license or identification.
  4. Pick up after yourself. There are trash cans and bins all over the property. The campground is your home while you are here, please treat it accordingly.
  5. Pick up after your pets. You are required to control your pets at all times for the safety of all other campground guests, as well as your pet.
  6. Do not alter the layout of campsites, i.e. moving rocks, barriers, fire ring/pit, etc. All RVs, campers, tents and vehicles must be within your campsite.
  7. If Staff provides instructions for you to follow to access your campsite, use the dumpsite, or any of the facilities on the grounds, you must follow them. Instructions are given for your safety, the safety of our Staff and your fellow campers.
  8. “Noise Curfew” is from 11pm to 8am. No person shall at any time disturb the peace and quiet by any loud or unusual noise or by hooting, calling, blowing of automobile horns or other noise-making devices or by the use of vulgar, immoral, profane, or indecent language or conduct, or by boisterous or threatening behavior.”
  9. “Light Curfew” is from 11pm to 8am. Camping lanterns, headlamps and flashlights are acceptable for use at all times in the campground, but high intensity work-lights or flood lights (halogen or otherwise) may not be used after 10pm.
  10. The following actions will result in immediate ejection:
  • Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm, endanger or threaten anyone.
  • Engaging in lewd or indecent behavior in public areas on the property.
  • Possession, distribution or use of illegal drugs.
  • Possession, use or display of firearms or any form of restricted weapon.
  • Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any campground property.